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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  March 12, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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yesterday. now it expanded everywhere. from the mountains to the bay and it goes until 7 will be hundred tomorrow night. there's the first batch of rain that romed through. notice what is gathering along the north carolina coast in to norfolk. that is tomorrow night and will be the next super heavy batch of rain. here's the headlines. flood watch until 7:00. wind gusts over 30 miles an hour tonight. street flooding is possible tomorrow morning and river flooding possible on sunday and monday. we say it all the time this time of the year. if you come to a street that is flooded don't cross by your car or foot. find another way around. we will have more in a bit. preparations for possible flooding are underway in low- lying areas tonight. that includes the city of alexandria where the city is offering truck loads of help. peggy fox is live in old town to explain what they are doing there. >> i'm on the corner of king and lee streets. you can see behind me hundreds of sandbags. these are for the residents and
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business owners here in alexandria. they want to take them and protect their property for potential flooding and also city crews have been out clearing storm drains. in alexandria, transportation crews spent the day clearing out storm sewers. much of the trash is in the basins. this siphons it out. >> a lot of bottles. they will find just an assortment of debris. >> reporter: garage and sticks can clog drains, especially older ones that have smaller pipes like this one. with heavy rain, a clogged sewer means flooded streets. >> we get to the catch base and throw it out and find out the cause. sometimes something will drop in like a hub cap. >> reporter: city officials are taking the flood watch seriously. >> it is a concern when we have high tide just after 5:00 and we have windy conditions and then we have drainage coming
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from the head waters in pennsylvania an west virginia. >> reporter: they have 6,000 sandbags at the ready, and are making 500 available on a flat bed truck. >> we are asking for residents to -- and these are only for residents of alexandria to self police and take a maximum of ten. >> reporter: the starbucks by potomac river has a stack inside their door. and a picture of the flooding after hurricane isabel which made the cafe only able to get to by boat. >> it was destroyed. >> lower king street in january. >> everyone should have sandbags on this block of the street. everyone. >> reporter: now officials are advising individual property owners to check their down spouts, to check sewers around their neighborhoods to make sure they are clear and make sure their sump pumps are working to be prepared in case there will be flooding.
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peggy fox live in old town. back to you. >> have you seen any signs of flooding at this point? >> no. the river has been fairly high but nowhere near cresting even though it is high tide right now. so they really do need to pay attention to the storm drains. when we get those heavy rains because it certainly can flood very, very quickly if one is clogged. thank you, peggy fox. breaking news on the condition of senate majority harry reed's wife. doctors just held a news conference about the injuries she suffered in yesterday's car crash. gary? >> reporter: the breaking news is pretty good. 59-year-old landra reid has a broken back and neck. when you have those injuries, obviously the concern is for paralysis, and now her doctor says that's not going to happen. as you know ms. reid was in a collision yesterday on the fairfax county parkway. a
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passenger. mrs. reed's daughter and the drivers of the other two cars suffered minor injuries and were released. she underwent surgery. her husband was with her most of last night through the surgery. the latest from her doctor -- >> she's actually done very well. she's in good spirits. she underwent surgery for her neck today. since that time she's been able to get out of bed. her pain is well controlled and she's able to swallow some. >> reporter: the spokesman for harry reed is said to thank everyone for their concern among colleagues and friends and said his family now is his chief priority, even as the push for final health care legislation is taking place on captiol hill. he is a key player in that and shuttled back and forth between the hospital and yesterday as the bill comes possibly to the finish line. >> i know doctors are trying to encourage him to get rest as well because he had been there so late in to the evening.
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the doctors in charge of mrs. reid's care describe her as neurologically intact. that is a great outcome given she had fractures to her neck and back. they say when dealing with spinal cord trauma they first determine if a fracture is stable oar unstable and if surgery is required to prevent further damage to delicate nerves. dr. hamilton says technology and surgical techniques used today are far less invasive than in the past. >> the incisions are signaler than 20, 30 years ago. we are placing little needles through the skin in to the bone and using those needles to guide placement of our instrument asian. >> reporter: dr. hamilton loaned me his model of the spine to give us an idea where mrs. reid was hurt. c-6. that's the vertebra the neck that was injured in mrs. reid's case. that where it was stabilize today to prevent further
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damage. her doctor described no further risk of paralysis. and what a fracture to the lower spine. a fracture to the lumbar spine but the fact she is up and around, her pain well controlled, able to speak and move freely, great news for the senator's wife. one day after police announced a criminal investigation in to the way dc fire and ems handled the case of a toddler who later died the fire chief is summoned to a performance oversight hearing by the city council and before he took the stand another young mother testified about her encounter with paramedics. one that sounded eeriely similar to the one their family endured. >> i requested a transport to children's hospital. >> reporter: stephanie thomas says the paramedics that showed up to help her son justin who was complaining of chest pains and having trouble breathing said he didn't need to go
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there. >> they said it is probably allergy related. take him in to the bathroom. steam him out, help to open the airways, and if i needed them again that i can call. >> reporter: that's almost exactly what happened to stephanie stevens ' family last month. only thomas ' son survived. after she drove him to the hospital herself. >> could have been a fatal end result. asthma kills. >> the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> reporter: they promised an investigation. >> major break down in protocol and i assure you and hear and everyone listening and all the families out there we will also be investigating. >> reporter: phil mendleson wants to know why a criminal investigation in this one instance? >> exactly why employees vary from protocols. why they do not follow their training, which is beyond adequate and their levels of experience is beyond me.
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>> reporter: the head of 3721, kenneth lyons unleashed a barrage of accusations against the chief for the why cases are handled like that. >> the buck stops with chief rubin. should he be blamed for that, absolutely. >> do you take responsibility in the cases we are hearing about? >> i have to take responsible. it is an agency failure. >> reporter: the committee gathered testimony from three dozen people and expect to release findings within a few weeks. >> did the chief know anything about stephanie thomas and her son before today. >> i asked him about that after he left the hearing room and said he found out about it today at this hearing. but captiol hilling comments from the head of 3721 about the whole ordeal. he said wouldn't the public be surprised to find out this is just the tip of the iceberg. >> thank you for that. meantime medics rushed two people to the hospital after a crash involving a fire truck.
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broken glass and twisted metal were scattered across 14th street and constitution avenue northwest. officials say the truck was responding to a call when it collided with two cars. none of the emergency workers were hurt. three victims in the two cars suffered minor injuries. the crash happened at the same intersection where 51-year-old debra anne shevil was killed. she jogged in the path of an oncoming tractor-trailer. the driver was not charged. security guards were loading an atm at the bank of america at 14th and -- i'm not sure about the other road. no one was hurt but police are not saying how much money was taken. a dc inmate who escaped yesterday afternoon is back in custody tonight. police arrested terence owen moore near wheeler road and 10th place southeast around 7:00. he had escaped while contractors with the
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corrections corporation of america were transporting him to the hospital. moore is being held for trying to kill a police officer during a barricade situation and a shootout in may of last year. well, it's official, former maryland delegate rushern baker is running for prince georges county executive and he is hoping the third time is a charm. >> public safety is one of the key issues in the upcoming campaign and one thing i want to make sure that prince georges county is on top of. the other is education. >> reporter: baker is considered a top contender in the case. if the is elected he will place replace jack johnson whose term will soon be over. weather once again putting a kink many the construction on the chain bridge. after delayed for weeks because of snow, the chain bridge was supposed 0 be closed tonight for the repairs but it is being pushed back again to next weekend due to all the rain expected. all right. what about the other roads in the area. how are things looking tonight? >> the rain is coming down. the roadways are wet. so you can expect it is messy
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out there. we will start with 495, west of the district. slow from clara barton parkway to 270. that usually takes drivers two to three minutes. now it is taking drivers about 42 minutes. so that gives you an idea how bad it is. now word of an accident on the other side on 50. watch for delays on that. 66 westbound, we have delays inside the beltway and beyond here. this is what you are looking at all the way from 495 to route 123. no incidents or accidents out here. on 395, we are looking at heavy traffic approaching duke street and on 95 slow going dale city to triangle. be extra careful and watch for other drivers out there. coming up after the break, the details of the $600 million settlement reached by 9/11 workers sickened by the dust at ground zero. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. we have a little drain out here on the weather terrace. if you have one at home, clear
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out the leafs. we have a lot of rain heading our way. we have light to moderate rain across the area pushing through dc, bethesda up 270. we will come back and tell you when heavy stuff moves in. plus, later at 5:30, the federal consumer agency charged with keeping unsafe products out of your hands issues a warning about those fashionable sling-style baby carriers. we'll be right back.
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machine ann american citizen arrested in yemen for being an ledged member to al- qaeda has ties in our area he worked at five power plants in the u.s. between 2002 and 2008 including calvert, clifton, maryland and three mile island, pennsylvania. an investigation is underway in to whether he may have a had
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access to sensitive areas. authorities say he passed a federal background check. a federal judge is reviewing a proposed settlement between new york city and tens of thousands of -- and ten thousand first responders who say they got sick breathing air at ground zero in the days and months following the 9/11 terrorist attack. randall pinkston reports. >> reporter: for months after 9/11, first responders and volunteers virtually lived at ground zero, searching for bodies, removing debris. all the while, many say, breathing in toxic dust that damaged their health. the proposed settlement, which could amount to $657 million, would wipe out legal claims of those that blame the city for not providing them with respirator and other protective gears. civil trials are set to start this spring and some i say it played a role in the settlement. >> it could cost millions of dollars and there could be appeals. >> reporter: under the terms of a deal, administrator would
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determine whether a plaintiff has a valid claim and how much compensation they could receive which would raise from thousands to a million dollars. it would take affect if 95% of the complainants accept it. that's what mike mccormack plans to do. >> the settlement is deplorable. >> reporter: mccormack worked at ground zero and said he lost his job as a member of the u.s. air force search and rescue squadron because of respiratory and back problems and he claims there will not be enough money for survivors after funds are paid to families of survivors and lawyers. >> a lot of us haven't worked since 9/11. we are living on meager social security disability. >> reporter: it establishes an insurance found take care of first responders who are not sick now but may fall ill in the future. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. >> payouts will be determined
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on a case-by-case basis using a complicated factor that determines the seriousness of the individual. more legal troubles for toyota. prosecutors in orange county, california, file suit against the japanese automaker accusing of it knowingly selling hundreds of thousands of vehicles with acceleration defects. more than 6 million toyotas have been recalled in the united states. at least 89 class-action lawsuits have been filed against the automaker. toyota has yet to comment. a toyota executive says he is mystified about a california man's report about his runaway prius. james psychs says the gas pedal became stuck, cause the car to speed out of control on the freeway. but the executive says priuses are equipped with a brake override system. it cuts power to the wheels if the brake and the gas pedals are depressed at the same time. something he says he was doing. there are also new questions
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raised in light of reports that he is $700,000 in debt. toyota says it is sending an engineer to help investigate an accident in suburban new york. the driver there says her prius accelerated on its own and slammed in to a stone wall, but she couldn't say whether the gas pedal got stuck. the national highway safety administration is sending an investigator to check out the vehicle. a former metro general manager is suggesting some changes. david gunn identified four challenges -- and this just in to the 9 news now information center. newly-released documents show an ambulance crew that responded to tiger woods ' car crash would not let his wife ride with him to the hospital because they thought it was a case of domestic violence. the florida highway patrol
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reports released today also show that elin woods turned over two bottles of pain pills of those troopers after the crash outside of the orlando home. that crash led to disclosures that woods had affairs with several women. he's been away from golf ever since. >> what a big change in our weather after so many nice days. >> we had to run out sometime. this is a storm we have been watching for days now. it is going to get in here and take forever to get out of here. >> slow moving. >> very slow moving and that will cause problems. we have a glimmer of hope about the flooding. tomorrow heavy rain continues. temperatures 51. remember to move your clocks ahead one hour tomorrow night when you go to bed. heavy rain in the morning on sunday. then showers and then just lingering showers on monday. we pop in the mid-50s as we get in to monday. the bulk of the frame will be out -- of the rain will be out of here by monday afternoon. cool and rain heavy at times t. a gale warning in affect on the
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bay and tidal potomac. she you live doppler 9000 hd and you can access this at light to moderate rain from fredericksburg through dc baltimore and hagerstown. this is not the heavy activity. we had heavier activity roll in earlier today. rain towards leesburg and la plata. enough to cause havoc with the evening commute but this is not the heavy stuff by any means. pot toe mae mac has rain. rockville, gaithersburg, olney, 180 has aaron. light to moderate rain. rain to the east, college park, beltsville as well as forestville as you get down 95. go to the computer and talk about temperatures. haven't moved much today. we talked about that with a strong easterly low. in the 40s in term of temperatures. 52 downtown. so far cry from our 65 on
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thursday. 51 in springfield. 52 also in sterling. tomorrow morning, more heavy rain. in fact that's when i think the biggest threat of flooding will be. temperatures in the 40s and 50s and winds northeasterly 15 to 25 and gusty. by afternoon, breezy, and cool. highs 50 to 55. winds northeast at 10 to 20. put this in to motion for you. you see this is accumulated liquid rainfall. the good news is the bull's eye seems to be shifting to the north. still going to get two inches of rain and three to four in baltimore. the good news is less to the west and that's key because the mountains had the snow pack and things have been melting there the past couple of days. so heavy rain is coming. two to four inches possible. check the gutter and down spouts. check the sump pump and attic, as well. satellite picture, radar combined. here's the system. big thunderstorms from kentucky down in to georgia.
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some severe. and we are seeing another surge of moisture right around the carolina coast and that will get in here and give us the next round of activity. the next seven days, rain tomorrow, heavy at times, 51. rain in the morning on sunday, 51. showers leftover on monday, 55 and then we dry out, finally. 60 on tuesday. wednesday, sunshine, low 60s on wednesday and thursday and friday with temperatures a little bit above average. i will tell you what our ground is so wet, if you walk on the ground you squish a little bit. flood watch for everybody. >> we will be on the lookout. the mystery behind two tombstones discovered in the base of an area home. and details of an amazing 170-car crash on the auto bonn. i'm peggy fox with do your children wear helmets when they are riding bikes? if you can't convince your child to wear one or if you
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think it is a small risk check out the stats about bicycle riding and it may change your mind. it is all on i love economics study group.
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[ applause ] >> stocks end the week on an up note. the dow finished the day up 12 points to close at 10624, but both the nasdaq and the standard & poors were down a fraction. some scary moments today in downtown seattle. listen to this. police say a man who wrapped himself in duct tape with a wire attached threatened to blow up a building across from the king street courthouse. officers sent two bomb robots toward this man. he surrendered after an hour and a half. nobody was hurt. the man is now being questioned. icy roads and thick fog are blamed for a crash on the autobahn involving 170 vehicles. it happened in bavaria, the autobahn was shut down for hours in both directions, about 17 people were hurt, though none seriously and two other crashes nearby. a dozen people were hurt in
5:26 pm
those accidents. six people have serious injuries. the owner of the candy from heaven store in rhode island believes a higher power has been looking down on him. this after a car came crashing down in to the store. the owner and his son escaped serious injury. someone ran a stopped sign and when the driver tried to avoid that vehicle he crashed in to the candy shop. so far no charges have been filed. today the federal government issued a much- anticipated warning about baby slings used to carry infants around. we will tell you what parents need to know. and a controversial decision about one high school cancelling its problem
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in tonight's consumer alert, they are trendy, lightweight and popular among new moms, but earlier this week we told you they could also be dangerous. now the consumer product safety commission has issued that much- anticipated warning about those baby slings used to carry around infants. >> just a one-step thing and you put the baby in. >> reporter: millions of moms use slings similar to this one to cradle and carry their babies but the u.s. product
5:30 pm
consumer safety commission is warning parents to use caution with these carriers. >> our advice is if you have a child younger than 4 months you want to be very cautious about using a sling. make sure the child's face is visible to you at all times and it is clear of the fabric. >> reporter: the cpsc is taking action now because at least 14 babies have died in these fabric slings. >> three of those deaths took place last year. >> reporter: last may lisa congress ran never imagined it would have as causedded a deadly danger. >> reporter: just seven days old and suffocated. >> it was highly recommended for breast-feeding mothers but mothers in general. it kept them close to your heart so they could hear your heart beat. >> they don't have the neck muscles to control their head. if they get in a situation
5:31 pm
where they can't breathe, they do not have control where they can move their heads out of the way to breathe again. >> reporter: earlier we showed you how to wear the baby safely. >> the child needs to be positioned down with the head flat. >> reporter: don't forget about the baby, monitor the little one to make sure they are breathing and check with a doctor before using one of these carriers. if your baby is a preemie, twin with he birth weight or has a cold. >> reporter: the government is working to provide mandatory standards for slings. you have had an incident with one of these slings contact the cpsc. and for a link to the cpsc go to our website at and click on "living $mart." democratic lawmakers are pushing health care reform closer to the finish line. they are moving toward a two- step process that will let them pass president obama's plan with no republican support. and they hope to vote by the end of next week. >> the majority of plans to try
5:32 pm
to use the reconciliation process to ram through a health care bill and no matter how many times the press and public may be misled by that assertion we are not ramming through anything i tell my friend. >> reporter: president obama is putting off his trip to asia to help keep moderate democrats from jumping ship. if passed the bill will cover millions of the uninsured. it bans insurance companies from denying coverage based on preexisting medical conditions and creates an insurance marketplace to help people and small businesses buy their own plans. a health alert plan about a blockbuster black box warning to plavix. after reports some patients can't metabolize the drug. it means a greater risk of heart attack and stroke because of blood clots. patients can figure out if they
5:33 pm
don't metabolize it by a simple blood test. if you are on plavix right now talk to your doctor about testing. doctors unveiled a high- tech band bandage that promises a less invasive cure for skin cancer. it consists of a cream rubbed in the skin and a band-aid with a built in light. it is converted in to a chemical that kills cancer cells. researchers say it has initial cure rate that is very good. hold the salt. one new york lawmaker is pushing for a ban in salt on all state restaurants in the kitchen and at the table. the delegate says banning salt will save money in health care and also save lives but one harlem restaurant owner says forget about it. >> i don't think there is any way, any chef or any cook or anyone who cooks a mother, father, anyone can prepare a meal, a recipe without salt. >> reporter: maybe a little
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less. the legislator felix ortiz is proposing a $1,000 fine for violaters. the los angeles coroner's office says four prescription drug bottles were found at the home of cory haims but no illegal drug were found. he died on wednesday after collapsing at his mother's home. he had a history of drug addiction. he was best known for his roles in the 1980 film "lucas and the lost boys." in this week's friday's heros we look at a facility chock full of facilities for the disadvantage. you practically need a tour guide to see it all. derek mcginty has a tour guide to show him around the community center. >> this is art work that the young people do. >> reporter: when executive director paul -- gives you the perry center grand tour, pack a lunch. >> we have 36,000 square feet here and eight organizations providing services in health, day care and employment in both
5:35 pm
adult and youth services. >> reporter: and 5,000 people every month walk through these doors for help of one kind or another. >> they may come to the health clinic and then find out about the other services in the perry center. >> reporter: like upstairs where patrick keeps a loving eye on dozens of after schoolers. >> i know each one of the children. >> hey, baby. >> i have very connected relationship with each one of them. i'm like the extended uncle. >> reporter: and just down the stairs, this is bright beginnings the day care here at perry school. six weeks to five years 'ole and a lot of them are homeless. >> reporter: as long as they are in the perry center they have a place to go for health care. >> you have the perry family health center operated by providence hospital. >> reporter: there is adult education, job training, drug treatment and a brand new start for 25-year-old reagan brown. she came to the perry center,
5:36 pm
unemployed, a victim of domestic abuse and now works here. >> since this is what i have a passion for, helping people and providing resources, sharing my life experiences, this is what i decidedded to do. >> reporter: oh, yeah, one service i forgot to mention, the possibility of a happy ending. derek mcginty, 9 news now. >> the perry center received a grant in the amount of $7,000. all made possible through the gannett foundation, wusa 9 and "usa today." for information on the charities we are profiling, go to and click on the hero central link. love that picture and love that shot of them. absolutely. what is the look at the traffic going to look like today. >> not as pretty as that obviously. it is a nasty friday evening commute. the camera is shaking and rain is coming down. heavy on 270 approaching montgomery village avenue. the earlier accident is clear but delays remain from gaithersburg to germantown. as we switch over to i-95.
5:37 pm
slick conditions are slowing down traffic from dale city to triangle. we are seeing 30 to 40 minute for drivers on that route. very, very slow. now check in with all the other commute times that are really slow out there, as well. 495, clara barton parkway, to 270, 30 minutes right now and same story on 95 to 50 and on 66, not too bad. 24 minutes from 495 to 7100. back to you. coming up a hotel owner offers to host a prom cancelled because a girl wanted to wear a tux. and students face felony charges for vandalizing their high school. we'll be right back.
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foyer teenagers are arrest after caught on tape trashing a
5:40 pm
south florida high school. this is surveillance tape and the students ran through old north miami senior high. they grabbed fire extinguishers, broke windows, damaged doors. investigators say all of this did about $100,000 worth of damage. those students face felony charges. a new orleans hotel is offering to host a prom for seniors at a jackson, mississippi high school. the prom was cancelled after an 18-year-old lesbian student said she wanted to take her girlfriend and wear a tux. the aclu is demanding school officials change their policy against same sex prom dates and it said the district violated her free expression rights by not letting her wear a tuxedo. an atheist at the center of controversy in a case involving the pledge of allegiance is heading back to court. michael lost a round in his fight to exclude the word "0 under god "in the pledge. a san francisco judge rejected the argument he said he will case it to the supreme court if the appeal does not work.
5:41 pm
the heros on the hospital ship usns comfort are leaving haiti and coming home. but first more about two tombstones discovered in the basement of one area home. and coolidge high school makes a historic announcement today by producing the new head football coach. we will meet her. a little rain here. right now light to moderate. the heavy stuff is yet to come. we will take you out with live doppler. just enough to keep the roads wet for the rush hour. gaitersburg, clarksville, out 66 and 50 some rain. we will come back and detail when the heaviest rain rolls in.
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5:44 pm
welcome back. let's reset some of the top stories in the news now. low-lying area across the region are preparing for flooding this weekend including the city of alexandria where sandbags are at the ready. the wife of senate majority
5:45 pm
leader harry reid had surgery one day after a terrible crash on i-95. lange listen broke her neck and back. and the dc fire chief has been summoned to a city council hearing. questions are being raised about how dc fire and ems personnel handled the case of a toddler who later died. people in one virginia neighborhood convinced that spirits are haunting a home on their street. recently a man walking on the property found two tombstones in the basement. the house is located near dumfries and quantico. lindsey mastis has the chilling details. >> reporter: people on this quiet street say there is something strange about this cape cod home. >> a lot of crazy things went on this street. >> an eerie feeling. >> tenants moved out of the rental property. he was helping the landlord fix up the house. >> not expect you expect to find. >> reporter: he discovered two tombstones in the base. >> when i picked the first one
5:46 pm
up, i would feel the writing. >> reporter: the one is from 1935 and the other 1980. he called police. >> i don't know if it was somebody, kids doing some satanic crazy -- i have no idea. i have no idea how they got in here. >> reporter: neighbors want to know how they got there. >> tombstone is pretty heavy and the tombstones they found were, what, this tall? every bit of 70, 80-pounds. >> reporter: neighbors say this isn't the first time strange things have happened here. >> complained about the doors opening and slamming. >> reporter: lights turn on by themselves. even the sound of footsteps. police are holding on to the tombstones and are investigating. >> i wouldn't live there. i don't like living across the street from it now. >> reporter: the house is up for rent. lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> the names on the head stones
5:47 pm
are mary feinten and ingram. he hopes that someone will recognize the names and come forward to claim them. the usns comfort is scheduled to arrive home tomorrow. it left baltimore on january 16th on a mission to haiti. the medical personnel helped earthquake victims during the mission. scott broom was on board to chronicle some of it. talk about a tight fit. this for the captain of the celebrity cruiseship. talk about a tough time squeezing through narrow gates, lockes and grig bridges in germany. at one point he had three feet on either side. celebrity eclipse and her sister cruiseships are the largest to ever sail down that particular river. a tractor-trailer containing lottery tickets crashed and caught fire on thursday in central florida. not so lucky. the truck was hauling $70 million worth of tickets. the fire department says the tickets were scattered all over the road after the back half of
5:48 pm
the trailer caught fire. no one was seriously hurt. now that all the snow is disappearing it could be the time to spruce up your garden and fix up your house and you can get expert advice this weekend at the washington home and garden show. it takes place at the dc convention center and they have landscaped gardens and you will get all kind of ideas for entertaining indoors and out. >> doesn't that look nice. >> it does. >> it is a perfect weekend to go. >> really is. >> tips on bathrooms and kitchens and green stuff. >> i mean green as in eco green. >> got it. >> looking at heavy rain. flood watch until 7 p.m. tomorrow covering the entire area. the next three days really tomorrow. windy and 51. heavy rain through sunday morning and showers 51. and then mid-50s on monday with leftover showers but the heavy
5:49 pm
activity will finally passed. tonight, cloudy, windy and cool with rain. heavy at times. lows 46 to 52. winds northeasterly at 15 to 30 and gusty. show you live doppler. again, light to moderate rain across the area. just enough to not do the rush hour any favors. the heavy activity will not roll in until we get in to late tonight and tomorrow. again, live doppler, you can access it on the website at we have activities from woodbridge, up 270, out 66 and out 50 to annapolis. but nothing is super heavy, at least right now. we have light to moderate activity annandale and burke and springfield over to forestville and woodmore and past davidsonville. back to the computer and we will talk about tomorrow morning. cloudy skies and windy. cool with more heavy rain. 40s and 50s. winds 15 to 25 and gusty. not as strock as the peak winds tonight. tomorrow afternoon, mostly cloudy, breezy and cool with
5:50 pm
showers. winds east northeasterly at 10 to 20. as we go through tomorrow the winds slowly get more calm, although not exactly all the way calm. heavy rain and flooding possible. two to four inches is possible by sunday morning. through the weekend pretty much. check the gutter and down spouts, sump pump, basement and attic. should have been checking that since the blizzard. next seven days, heavy rain tomorrow. spring board tomorrow night when you go to bed. move the clocks ahead one hour. rain and 51. leftover showers and 55 on monday and then a nice stretch of weather again, sunshine on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. temperatures around 60. we will call it partly cloudy and 62 on friday but that won't disappoint anyone either. >> something to look forward to. a history-making day at coolidge and aguess across the country. >> it is a good thing. certainly a good thing. we apply for a job ooften ask yourselves certain questions am i qualified dark i love to work
5:51 pm
but when you go against the traditional grain you have to answer another question, am i prepared for the scrutiny. natalie randolph says yes. >> out of this world. it is official. natalie randolph is the head coach of the varsity football team at coolidge high. >> being female has nothing to do with it. i love football. i love football. i love teaching. i love these kids. >> reporter: the science teacher has an experienced resume serving as an assistant coached a woodson. and played for the zee divas, washington's all professional woman's team. >> natalie is always one of the fastest players on the field and she was an excellent wide receiver for us because of her speed. >> i want to see more kids play football period, let alone be the head coach. >> reporter: she will be the first head coach that is female and in the first in the
5:52 pm
district in almost 25 years. >> do what we have to do as a team. it is not about she is a female coach but we're a great team. >> my role has head coach is to do all that i can to help these students reach their goals. >> reporter: no different than any other coach in the district or anywhere. mayor fenty took time out of his day to recognize a step forward for gender equity. >> natalie randolph, represents a new generation of football coaches in dc and across the country that are demonstrating to students there are no barriers to success [ applause ] >> reporter: wanda oats coached in 1985 lasted one day on the job and she was pressured off the job. let's hope for better things at randolph. oh, by the way, redskins big free agent signing. we will talk about that at 6:00. >> natalie is really paving the way. >> good for her. >> really paving the way. thank you for that, dave. 9 news now at 6:00 is less than ten minutes away. here's a look at what we have tonight. volunteer montgomery county
5:53 pm
firefighters arrested on theft and breaking and entering charges. metro fires the subway driver behind the february 12th train derailment in the farragut north station. and why in the world was white house spokesman gibbs in a canadian hockey jersey? we will tell you why coming up at 6:00. >> he's asking for it there. >> there is a good explanation there. coming up next, something to think about before you board the plane. you may have some unwelcome guests come home. and don't forget we are always on at stay with us. you don't want to miss that story.
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-6r789s we have heard of airline delays caused by a number of factors, weather issues, traffic gridlock at this airport, weather issues. one resident and frequent flier face an airline delay she had never encountered before, roaches. jessica doyle reports. >> reporter: miami to reagan national airport, an american airlines flight alisa kempler says she will never forget. >> at the end of think the day it was an hour and a half delay. >> the flight crew was dealing
5:57 pm
with unwelcomed passengers, an unusual delay. >> delayed by roaches. >> reporter: a steward dieses told her. >> there are roaches on the plane. it is actually 50 roaches and they found a colony on a curtain between first class and the pilots. so we spend the next 2 1/2 hours, at least i do, curled up in any seat thinking how many are in my bag when i get out. >> reporter: american airlines spokesperson says -- smith says all the planes are treated regularly by pest control company and if a problem is detected it will be treated during the next layover. unfortunately it is hard for airlines or any service that opens the doors to the public to guarantee a cockroach free environment. >> missy henderson says the places you would most likely see cockroaches on board. >> the bins that hold luggage and also looking for food sources so it would not be uncommon to find them in the galley where meals are
5:58 pm
prepared. >> and roaches are notoriously hard to kill. >> they can live up to a month without their head on. >> not only are they nature's little tanks, they also pose health hazards. >> they can carry boll kohlly, salmonella. one thing that is concerning for most people is cockroaches create allergens that can cause asthma attacks in children and adults. something is serious and worth paying attention to. >> reporter: when alisa got home she had help unpacking. >> i have a westty, thankfully who is ready to go in case something was there. she was inquisitive and i made sure she was interested in the bag in case something was going to run out. so i was lucky. >> gives you the chills. if you are worried a cockroach or other pest invaded your luggage, the national pest management association says to take all the clothes out of
5:59 pm
your luggage and wash them in hot water and look at your suitcase. if you see any pests vacuum your suitcase including the pockets and as topper does you can unpack outside. thanks for joining us at five. 9 news now at 6:00 starts right now. from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. a late winter storm alert tops our news. topper says we are in for a lot of rain. i'm in the weather center with you. >> another coastal storm, like the 13th one of the winter. this is all rain. >> this is not snow. >> no, but a mess. let's start with live doppler. not much in terms of heavy rain across the metro area. this evening will be okay. going to keep the roads wet. light activity out to winchester, warrenton and downtown and also up 270 and out annapolis. some of the heaviest rain in 50 right now. spotty south of town toward la plata and fredericksburg. go though computer. everyone is covered by


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